About Halo Race Leaderboard

Halo Race Leaderboard is a fully public leaderboard that any Halo Server can opt-in to have track their times.

For information on how to opt-in, click here

Future Plans

  • App converted to PWA (Progressive Web App - Planning Phase)
  • Add the ability to claim players
  • Add ability for users to be notified if their record is broken

Known Issues

Change Log

17 April 2020

  • Bug Fixes
    • 404 when clicking on map in maps page
    • 404 when clicking on player in players page

13 April 2020

  • Added the Developer API
    • API Tokens are generated in a user's profile.

12 April 2020

  • Adding last lap time to servers page
  • Bug fixes on form captcha

10 April 2020

  • Bug fix for migrating lap times
    • Lap times dates were not copying correctly

4 April 2020

  • Adding ability to create users
  • Adding ability to claim, reset, migrate, and delete servers
  • Adding Ping Spike detection

30 September 2018

  • Added notes to Opt-In instructions regarding gameservers.com
  • Moved hash encryption to web server, removes dependencies for client
  • Added player-specific leaderboards

23 September 2018

  • Fixed download link, now should work.

3 Mar 2018

  • Adding ability to record lap times while not in a vehicle

25 Feb 2018

  • Resolved issue causing server crash on Lap report when player had special characters in name. E.G ©

Demo Server

HRL Demo Server Information